Dear Fellow Parishioners and Stewards:

Our Cathedral is facing a substantial shortfall in stewardship and needs your help.

Our 2021 budget at AGOC is based on $1,600,000 in stewardship revenue.  As of September 20, 2021, we have pledges totaling approximately $1,270,000.

As a result, we need approximately $330,000 in additional pledges in 2021 to be able to meet our operating budget. 

What can you do to help?

First, if you have not already, we really need you to pledge and make a payment now.   Approximately 25% of our parishioners have not pledged in 2021. 

Second, please consider increasing your pledge in this challenging year. 

Making or paying your 2021 stewardship commitment is simple:

  • Pledge and/or pay online at
  • By mail: mail your pledge card and payment to the Cathedral office.
  • By phone: call Church Administrator Myka Evans at 832-242-9256.


Thank you for your support of our Cathedral.


With gratitude,

John and Seva Anaipakos

2021 Stewardship Chairs







Thank you all for your contributions of time, talent, and treasure in service to our Cathedral.  Through your generosity, we fund our daily operations and ministries, however, it has become increasingly difficult to meet our needs.  If you are able, would you please consider becoming a Sustaining Member with an annual pledge of $1,800 or $150/month?




For questions or to make a pledge or donation please contact or call 832-242-9256